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Keep all your devices safe with SmartSecure's advanced traffic analysis and real-time protection

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Protecting your network is easy

With SmartSecure's service, you can set up an enterprise-grade security solution for all the devices in your network in seconds.

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Protection for everything

Whether it is computers, smartphones, smart TVs or other IoT, our system will protect it.

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Fast set-up

The service can be set up in seconds to provide you unparalleled security.

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Real-time protection

The system works in the background without requiring any additional input.

How it all works

Traditional cybersecurity platforms are built for a specific system, such as a computer or smartphone. Our solution works by integrating with your network, enabling efficient protection for all devices to secure you against damaging threats such as phishing, DDoS, malware and more.


SmartSecure connects to your network to start monitoring traffic flow.


All the devices in your network are identified by comparing it to our database of device profiles.


All inbound and outbound connections are evaluated by our risk assessment suite, including cross-checking with the AI-powered device profiler.


The user will be notified of any suspicious activity along with a thorough threat assessment and suggested actions.

Let's get started

We believe effective cybersecurity should be accessible to everyone. Find the best solution for your needs below.


Ideal for home networks


/ month

1 network

20 devices per network

Real-time alerting


Ideal for small businesses


/ month

1 network

100 devices per network

Real-time alerting

Real-time protection


Ideal for large businesses


/ month

5 networks

No device limit

Real-time alerting

Real-time protection

Custom policies